Working Together For the Greater Good

Coming together for Inclusive Ministry

We are a cooperative of seekers, ministers, communities, and individuals. Together we provide spiritual care, worship and celebrate weddings, baptisms, and funerals.

We offer our communities, spiritual direction, retreat, blessing, healing, and interfaith connection.

We welcome, accept and support you

The mission of FCM centers around the empowerment and nurturing of those who are inspired for inclusive ministries in our world.

We envision a future in which inclusive ministries transform society through the unique work that we are individually and collectively Called to do.

Membership and participation in the FCM community and tradition are not restricted on the basis of attributes such as gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or any other classification.

Like the early Christian communities, we believe that the people of God, whenever and wherever they gather, are the church. Our Federation is a fresh expression of the original term ecclesia, a people in the diaspora, caught between the already and the not yet.

We are constant reminders that God is doing something new, yet continuing to inspire faith communities that reflect the traditions of the early church.

We show by our structures, governing style, and actions a collegial model of equality that continues to struggle against sexism, racism, poverty, ageism, heterosexism, homophobia, clericalism, environmental destruction, nationalism, and all forms, beliefs, systems, as well as actions that divide and subjugate people.

A Community of Ministers

We are a community of people responding to the same Spirit of a new Pentecost that was in Jesus Christ. We are committed to embodying that Spirit in a rich diversity of ministries that lead to renewal and transformation in the communities we serve.

Our vision reflects the mutuality and partnership lived by Jesus.

Love for All
Jesus’ Gospel of wholehearted love of God and neighbor rejects violence and domination of one person by another, and so do we.

Interconnected Family
We believe each person is an image of God. We are children of Holy Wisdom, and we affirm the cosmic vision of interdependence and interconnection of all reality.