Working Together For the Greater Good

Coming together for Inclusive Ministry

Faith Communities of FCM are defined by the Biblical concept that where two or more are gathered in Christ’s name, God is present. The FCM Constitution states “Like the early Christian communities, we believe that the people of God, whenever and wherever they gather, are church.”

Faith Communities are people coming together to find common ground for common good, to grow spiritually, to be inspired, and to be of service to one another and others.

Affiliated in Mission and Ministry

FCM Faith Communities of all types join in our common mission of inclusive ministries. In addition, they embrace FCM’s core values of belonging, compassion, empowerment, equity, and mindful living.

FCM Faith Communities, retain the independence of their existing local faith community including the independence of all your members, practices, ministries, and plans.

FCM Faith Communities abide by FCM’s Constitution, Bylaws, Professional Practice Policy, and Standards of Ethics, and share in our vision and mission for a better world made possible through the empowerment of inclusive ministries.

Benefits of Becoming an FCM-FC

The benefits of becoming a FCM Faith Community member include:

  • Becoming part of a growing national ministerial faith community.
  • Gaining the opportunity to network and share with other faith communities including working jointly on social justice issues and mission projects; sharing liturgical, program, and experiential resources; and combining resources for retreats and other events.
  • Using the FCM Realm system for communication and networking with FCM members and faith communities.
  • Accessing resources and information only available to FCM Faith Communities.
  • Gaining characteristics used by the IRS to be recognized as a church.
  • Listing your faith community on the FCM website and in the FCM National Directory (optional).
  • Nominating and voting for your regional FCM Vice President for representation on the Circle of Directors.
  • Guidance for leadership development.
  • All community members can attend and participate in FCM’s bi-annual National Assembly.

To begin the process of becoming a FCM Faith Community, a representative from the community will submit an application. To begin the discernment process and learn more about the ways in which FCM Faith Communities participate in and contribute to the mission of FCM, reach out to the Chair of Faith Communities at [email protected], or complete the application below.