The Permanent Endowment Fund of FCM

Securing the Future of inclusive ministries

FCM Endowment logo consisting of a group of trees next to the words FCM Endowment. The iconography of a cross is hidden in one of the trees.

The Permanent Endowment Fund has been established to enable Federation of Christian Ministries (FCM) members, organizations, and friends to express their commitment to Christ through gifts that will support in perpetuity the inclusive and ecumenical missions and programs of FCM.

About the FCM Endowment

The Permanent Endowment Fund of the Federation of Christian Ministries (FCM Endowment) is a professionally-managed fund that exists to financially support the activities and missions of FCM. The Endowment Committee authorizes annual distributions from the Accumulated Appreciation in accordance with the Endowment Fund Policy.

The FCM Endowment Committee will oversees and manages the Fund. The Committee comprises active members of FCM with a Chairperson and Secretary selected by and from the Committee members.

Funds may be donated in any amount, however, larger donations may be designated as a Named Fund. A Memorial Named Fund is generated by gifts accumulating from $10,000 to $24,999. A Legacy Named Fund is generated by gifts accumulating from $25,000. The purpose of the earnings of a Legacy Named Fund may be specified by the donor with the approval of the Circle of Directors.

Gifts to the Fund may include:

  • Liquid donations (cash and marketable securities)
  • Non-liquid donations (real estate, art, gems, etc.)
  • Deferred donations (life insurance, gifts by will or trust, charitable gift annuities, charitable gift remainder trusts, etc.)

Giving to the Endowment

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If you’ve already made a decision about your contribution give online here.

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Create a Tribute

Making a tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor another.

Create a Tribute

A tribute gift in any amount is a meaningful way to honor the life of a friend or family member, living or deceased. It provides the opportunity to make a donation that celebrates a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or wedding.

We’ll notify the honoree (or the honoree’s family) about your gift.

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Estate Giving

Include the future of expansive ministry in your estate planning.

Estate Giving

If you have already discussed your estate plans with an advisor and are ready to inform FCM of your decision, let us know here:

Estate Plan Intention & Designation

Should you wish to discuss your contribution to the FCM Endowment Fund, please start a conversation with us at [email protected]